In addition to providing high-end products, Levia ensures hassle free functioning by having a dedicated “After-sales Support” team. All products distributed by Levia are ensured for quality. Every product undergoes quality inspection and any damaged good is returned to the OEM.


which are offered by Levia come with a 3-5 years warranty. Some government projects comes under 7 years Warranty Any issue occurred during this period is taken care of by Levia. However, it may be noted that due to superior quality of products, number of complaints received are very few.


Being major distributor of Elo Touch in India, Levia Technologies caters to customer order from all over India. Currently, Levia’s market is concentrated in the Metros/ Tier-1cities,but by making use of extensive marketing programs Levia plans to enhance its customer base in Tier2 & Tier 3 cities as well.

Levia Technologies is headquartered in Navi Mumbai, and thus has a good presence in western part of the country. Of the entire sales generated, Western region has a share of close to 35%.Also in south and north rest 35% respectively.


Levia Technologies Elo Touch solutions has a little say in terms of price of products. Will try to optimise pricing where we have volume. Levia combines orders from customers to take cost advantage in shipping and logistics. The cost advantage is then directly transferred to the customers.


All promotional activities which Levia Technologies undertake, aim towards increasing the market presence of the company. Activities which Levia Technologies can undertake include:

a. Direct Selling:

Direct selling is based upon person-to-person relationships in which the seller goes to the consumer rather than the consumer to a shop. Levia Technologies’ sales personal touch  the customer at customer’s office. He or she provides information about the product, how best to use it, why to buy it, which model is best suited to the customers’ needs etc. He / She can also use catalogues and brochures to show the customer other products available from the company, the prices and the range of styles and sizes available under sales kit The entire activity focuses on individual customers and their needs. Sales team receives training in the skills of direct selling.  Also push to solutions The starting point of the Training process is to identify the skills and knowledge necessary for sales team to carry out their role. They are then fully trained on all aspects of the product and in how best to satisfy customer needs. Product knowledge is particularly important so that the sales person can present the product’s benefits and functions comprehensively and answer any questions the customer may have. Vertical wise inside sales try to call engage and train customer about product .

b. Sales Promotion:

Sales promotion consists of a variety of incentive tools such as samples, free trials, price reductions, demonstrations, , offers, etc. In general, sales promotion activities work best in the short term to stimulate quicker and greater purchases by consumers, distributors or other members of the trade. Levia Technologies can engage itself in various sales promotion activities.

c. Direct Marketing:

Direct marketing means that the company would directly approach the target audience, so that audience can communicate directly with the company. Direct marketing includes Direct mail marketing, catalogue marketing, telemarketing etc. Levia Technologies will make use of the above techniques to increase its presence in the market.

  • Direct mail marketing: A mail is sent to the target audience providing the information related to product, its features, advantages and application in the industry. All potential customers respond to the mail and later sales team can follow-up for further process.
  • Telephone Support Line: A telephone support team can be established to provide ongoing support to customer base and handles any enquiries they may have.
  • Cold-calling: Cold-calling simply means a telephone call or visit made to someone who is not known or not expecting contact, often in order to sell something. Sales team at Levia Technologies can make cold call to potential customers.
  • Newsletters & BLOGS : Levia Technologies can publish a newsletter, which can be directly mailed to existing and potential customers. It can used to communicate information about new products and promotions.
  • Catalogue Marketing: Catalogue Marketing is form of direct marketing where the seller prepares catalogues of products and sells directly to the customer. Levia Technologies can prepare a catalogue of all products under its umbrella. These catalogues publishes on website

d. Participation In Events:

Participation in regional, national and international fairs would be an excellent opportunity for Levia Technologies to attract new customers, to build company’s image, to present company’s business or products to potential and existing customers. These events can influence the customers by providing them the opportunity to live test the products.

e. Internet:

Internet marketing or online marketing refers to advertising & marketing efforts that use Web to drive the sales. Online presence is crucial for almost every company. Every company must find the right balance and harmony in on- and offline marketing and management. Some of the widely used mediums include company website, social media, marketing through existing websites and making use of online directories and database.

  • Levia Technologies Web Page:
    Levia Technologies website has benefitted Levia’s brand in many ways. The webpage has provided a means to promote the enterprise and helped in increasing customer exposure. Website is used by potential customers to get awareness of products offered by Levia Technologies. A database of all prospective customers is maintained which helps in lead generation.
  • Social Media:
    Social media are Internet tools for sharing and exchanging information in the form of text, photos and videos. This media includes, blogs as well as social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. Levia Technologies has a dedicated page on Facebook and LinkedIn which provides information about products.
  • Marketing using existing websites:
    There area number of websites which cater to specific need of the customers. Websites like Levia Technologies has registered itself with such websites. This helps Levia in increasing its reach.