Interactive Digital Signage Solution

Give and Get Online Advantages in your Brick-and-Mortar Stores

Customers today shop competitively and your competition has widened because of it. Now you're not just competing with the shop down the street or across town, but with the thousands of online shopping sites as well. All of whom seem to offer things customer want: reviews, comparisons, in-depth details--far more than a sales associate can remember. But online stores cannot put the product immediately into someone's hands. Delayed gratification is still the name of the game.

Give Customers the Content and the Products — Right Now

Give your customers all the information they demand while they're in your store and they can walk out with their purchase immediately. Let them see and touch the product, not just look at a picture of it, explore options and related items and read reviews with today's Interactive Digital Signage (IDS).

Satisfy their desire for knowledge while delivering instant gratification and you both come out ahead. Target messages based on their interaction and capture metrics to learn what customers

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Not your Traditional Digital Signage

Don't drive your customers away by pushing boring content at them with one way digital signage. Instead, engage customers and let them interact, choosing what they're interested in, not what you want them to see. It's like having a giant smart phone in your store. And people like it.

Interactive Digital Signage can increase your in-store sales and improve customer service without increasing staff size when you:

  • Share reviews like online stores do
  • Provide consistent and in-depth product information
  • Show product availability
  • Let customers purchase and ship gifts on their own
  • Tie your dot-com site with your store
  • Offer timely promotions
  • Bring more people into the store

Discover "The Value of Interactivity in Digital Signage"



Improve Service to Your Customers — Everywhere

Rather than waiting for a knowledgeable sales staff member, your customers can instantly find what they're looking for, research options and see what's in stock with a well-designed interactive digital sign program. You can also use IDS to:

  • Provide helpful local information
  • Use RFID loyalty cards for quicker access to personalized info
  • Show your customers what's nearby
  • Offer coupons and specials


Improve What You Measure

IDS is great for your customer. But what about you? You get the all the metrics! Find out what people like, what captures their attention, which offers lead to sales. Real-time metrics let you test different content offerings and easily try out new promotions without a huge commitment. And with access to personalized information, you can easily offer a customer loyalty program.

Learn how to measure your audience's interest.



IDS are Multi-Functional

When not being interactive with prospects and customers, IDS can still perform the usual signage roles with informative content. Use them like at traditional kiosk to provide information, show the local news and weather information and offer your digital catalog online.


Take Advantage of Interactive Signage

Digital signage technology has advanced in many of the same directions as popular apps and games. You can implement gesture recognition so your customer doesn't even have to touch the screen. Use Bluetooth and RFID technology to offer truly personalized deals. Use multi-touch interfaces and make the interaction fun for your customers. Engage them--and they'll come back for more.

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