Projected Capacitive Touch Technology For Monitors

Projected capacitive (PCAP) touchscreen technology is a capacitance system that delivers a sensitive, accurate two-touch (compatible with Windows 7 and 8 operating system dual gestures) interactive experience for Elo Touch Solutions touchmonitors. Using a proprietary glass-on-glass lamination configuration, it responds to a light touch in a seamless, zero-bezel design.  Without an overlay or substrate, the pure-glass surface is nearly impossible to physically "wear out" and is easy to clean with no edges to trap dirt and grease. Projected capacitive touchscreens combine high resolution with excellent transparency and sleek glass-to-edge aesthetics, making it an excellent choice for most public venues including retail and hospitality. Whether activated by fingers or gloved hands, it consistently delivers a fast, accurate, drift-free touch response. Projected capacitive touchscreens are available in the Elo Touch Solutions touchmonitors and touchcomputers.

Projected Capacitive for Monitors


  • Two independent touch points (with Windows 7 and 8 operating system)
  • Responds to a light touch to activate response
  • High transparency and color fidelity
  • Stable, no-drift performance - no calibration required
  • Recognizes touch from a finger or gloved hands


  • Retail
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Casinos

Touch Products

Available in Elo Touch Solutions 1515L, 1519L, 1715L, 1919L, 2201L, 1940L, 2243L and 2244L touchmonitors and M-Series touchcomputers.