iTouch Plus Surface Acoustic Wave Touch Technology

iTouch Plus Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) Touchscreen couples zero-bezel design with multi-touch functionality. iTouch Plus technology has passed the Microsoft Windows 7 Multi-touch additional qualification (AQ) testing requirements. It is the result of optimizing a trusted technology – SAW - to enhance industrial design, touch performance and reliability, ease of touchscreen system integration, and bill of material cost. The iTouch zero-bezel SAW offers the ability to realize a seamless, flat, frameless design that can be coupled with customization capabilities where logos, clear icons and other enhancements can be added during the design cycle. Industrial designers are no longer limited by a bezel or frames that are inherent in other touch technologies such as camera or optical touch.

iTouch Plus solutions offer a simple bill of material, a less complex manufacturing and touchscreen integration process, and less capital investment than projective capacitive technologies. This results in a more cost competitive touchscreen solution. The electronics can scale across a wide range of screen sizes, without performance degradation, which contributes to the iTouch Plus touchscreen technology being the choice of selection without concern of design-in touch performance issues. iTouch Plus is based on SAW technology which proven in the industry as reliable touch technology for long-life applications with a near zero field return rate on touch technology related issues.

This new technology is available today to OEMs who are looking for a reliable, frameless, cost competitive custom touchscreen solution.

IntelliTouch Plus Touchscreens


  • Completely flat touchscreen offers sleek, refined appearance
  • No bezel required for easy integration into touchmonitors, touch computers or other devices
  • Same fast, accurate, and stable touch performance as IntelliTouch Plus
  • No known wear-out mechanism

Touch Products

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