FUNTORO is a global leading provider of comprehensive, consistent IT solutions for vehicle infotainment, passenger information system, and operations control in the field of public transit services.
FUNTORO is a wholly-owned subsidiary of MSI (Micro-Star International) group, with nearly 30 years of experiences in building a superior future life and advanced digital technology abilities; we integrate vehicle computer, monitor, broadband connection, remote management, and cloud applications into a total service platform to fulfill various customer demands. We have built up our reputation with our advanced R&D innovate skills that our customers can benefit from the custom-engineered solutions that we provided.
FUNTORO is extending its award-winning technologies to trains, ferries, buses, coaches, luxury vans, passenger cars and commercial vehicles. As the company name suggests (FUNTORO, Fun to Road), our goal is to make every journey joyful, informative, and friendly to environment.