The Elo Virtual Receptionist Solution manages visitor traffic to your building by greeting visitors, alerting employees and connecting both in 2-way conversation.

Elo Touch Solutions' Interactive Digital Signage displays and ALICE™ Receptionist software provide the perfect combination of customer service and technology. The future of your front desk is here. With the power of ALICE Receptionist technology and the best-in-class hardware from Elo, you can now manage your front desk or lobby traffic without losing the personal touch of human customer service.

The Elo Virtual Receptionist Solution empowers a company's existing staff to greet visitors from the convenience of their own desk. Utilizing Elo's interactive touchscreens, employees can communicate with visitors in face-to-face video or audio-only conversations.

With the Elo Virtual Receptionist Solution, corporations can rest assured that every visitor will be treated in the same professional manner. And visitors appreciate being greeted and speaking with a live person when they enter the building.

Download our Solution Brief for The Elo Virtual Receptionist Solution.


  • An efficient, interactive lobby experience that lowers operating costs.
  • Professional visitor experience.
  • Increase employees sense of security by alerting them when visitors arrive and providing live video stream of lobby area.
  • Allow a receptionist or security person to monitor and interact with visitors in remote lobbies.
  • Enable employees to stay connected and reachable in or out of the office.
  • Ability to display building maps and additional information on screen.


  • Visitor greeting based on motion detection as they enter the office or building.
  • Employees alert of visitor arrival.
  • Employee connection with visitors in two-way video or audio conversations from their desktop PC, desk phone or mobile device.
  • Cloud-based management and call placement.
  • Includes webcam, external speaker and noise cancelling microphone.

Specifications and Ordering Information:

Description Part Number Product Description Bundle Contents
Elo Virtual Receptionist Bundle E000285 Elo-Bundle-W-VirtualReceptionist-42 Elo 4201L Touch Display
Elo Virtual Receptionist Kit (E000286)
Elo Virtual Receptionist Kit E000286 Elo-Kit-W-VirtualReceptionist Elo ECMG2 i3w/ Win7 computer module
Elo VirtualReceptionist Accessory Package

The Elo Virtual Receptionist Solution comes with a perpetual license for the Virtual Receptionist software module that runs in your lobby. The bundle also comes with 12 months of cloud service, deluxe phone/on-line support, software maintenance and the first 50 listings in the directory (additional listings are available for a small fee and can be purchased directly from the software publisher. Beyond the first year, users can purchase additional years of cloud service, support and maintenance directly from the publisher. The Virtual Receptionist software uses the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) standard which is becoming popular in many corporate IT resource centers. At any time you can reconfigure the application to use a SIP resource other than the service provided by the publisher.