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1739L 17-inch Open-Frame
Elo chassis LCD monitors have a long-lasting product cycle because the enclosure is controlled by El..
1937L and 1930L 19-inch Open-Frame Touchmonitors
The Elo Touch Solutions 1937L and 1930L 19” LCD open-frame touchmonitors deliver cost-effective touc..
1939L and 1931L 19-inch Open-Frame Wide Viewing Angle Touchmonitor
The Elo Touch Solutions 1939L and 1931L 19" LCD open-frame touchmonitors deliver high performing tou..
1541L 15-inch LCD Open-Frame Touchmonitor
The Elo TouchSystems 1541L 15" LCD wide-screen openframe touchmonitor is easier to use and incorpor..
1940L 19-inch Open-Frame Touchmonitor
Available with either IntelliTouch Plus multi-touch surface acoustic wave touchscreen technology or ..
2243L 22-inch Open-Frame Touchmonitor
Click and drag to rotate; space bar to stop/start rotation; right click to zoom. The Elo TouchSystem..
2244L 22-inch Acoustic Pulse Recognition Open-Frame
The Elo TouchSystems 2244L open-frame LCD touchmonitor with its slim design and narrow outside dimen..
2740L 27-inch Open-Frame Touchmonitor
The Elo Touch Solutions 2740L 27-inch full HD open-frame touchmonitor delivers a professional-grade ..
4243L Open Frame Touchscreen
The Elo 4243L 42-inch full HD open-frame touchscreen delivers a professional-grade large format disp..
1515L Multifunction 15-inch Desktop Touchmonitor
The 1515L touchmonitors are designed, developed and built to provide the most cost-effective touch s..