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1522L 15-inch Multifunction Desktop
The 1522L 15" LCD desktop touchmonitor offers the same sleek design as the 1529L 15" LCD desktop mod..
1715L 17-inch Desktop
The 1715L touchmonitor is designed, developed and built to provide the most cost-effective touch sol..
2200L 22-inch IntelliTouch Desktop
Consisting only of a glass overlay mounted in front of the LCD panel, the 2200L zero-bezel Acoustic ..
2239L 22-inch IntelliTouch Open-Frame
The 2239L open-frame touchmonitor delivers a cost-effective touch solution for OEMs and systems inte..
2240L 22-inch IntelliTouch Open-Frame
Specifically suited for use in high-traffic casino gaming, video-game entertainment and self-service..